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“We are so excited about having your delicious cake… it has been a mic drop statement every time anyone asks about our cake plans.” 🙂 – Suzie Weaver, April 2, 2024

“I live in Germany and have eaten cake all over the world…there is no bakery even in Paris that even comes close to Olexa’s cake…it is so special, it is like angels made it.” – Candy Porter, Feb 29, 2024

“We drove a groom’s cake all the way to Thomasville, Georgia because Its that important to have Olexa’s cake at our special events!” – Rosemary Alexander, Feb 2024 (as she called to order a cake to be shipped to Vermont)

“We toyed with the idea of putting the Olexa’s logo on our wedding invitation knowing that everyone would come if they saw that!” – Bride and Groom, Suzie and Derek, wedding date 5/11/24


“We have been ordering cakes from you for 15 years and we fight over it! They were serving this cake at a marriage conference. Well, I got a divorce, but I found this cake! That’s all that matters!” – Ivy Hernandez, 9/22/23

“Diane, thank you for being such a blessing. Our experience at Olexa’s was magical! We were so impressed with the food, atmosphere, and attentive staff. In grateful appreciation, Michelle Smith -rehearsal dinner 08/04/23”

“Olexa’s did my wedding cake 22 year ago and on my wedding day I ate 3 pieces! I have never had cake that good! I live in Texas now and when I heard you can ship cake slices and cake kits I got goose bumps I’m so thrilled! Every time I am in Birmingham, I eat at Olexa’s!” -Mimi Presley Bonds, May 2023

“[Olexa’s] was the best lunch or dinner I have eaten since I am in the USA… the best. I ate a seafood crepe. It was wonderful! I love it!” – Sylviane from France, October 20, 2022

“I’m calling to book my daughter’s wedding cake with Olexa’s”…stating that her daughter said, “Mom the one thing I HAVE to have at my wedding is an OLEXA wedding cake!” -Glenda Hannings Mother of Bride (Ashley’s wedding for June 2023)

“I travel for a living; have tried cake all over the world and Olexa’s cake is the best I have found. I tell everybody about it!”
-Jonathan Brewer FedX Pilot ( as he picked up 4 slices to go!) 09/07/2022

I want to thank you again for providing the perfect space to hold Alex’s baby shower last Saturday. You gave me the guidance I needed ahead of time and you and your staff assisted with anything we needed throughout the shower! The food, drinks and cake were excellent in their taste and presentation. Everyone was so complimentary and spoke highly of Olexa’s Café. I truly appreciate the time you took to make Alex’s baby shower perfect for her! – Lisa Rice, August 2, 2022

“Olexa’s wedding cake is so good we had guests tell us they ate 3 pieces of cake!” – Mother of bride Meg Croxson, May 21, 2022

“I love Olexa’s so much that I bring my Weight Watcher’s Group every month to eat the warm buttercreme cake!” – Elizabeth

“My 4 year old knows the difference between Olexa’s cake and (all the other local bakeries)…he requests an Olexa cake every year for his birthday!” – Dana Whadsworth August 20, 2021

“We went to (local bakery), (local bakery), (local bakery), as well as Olexa’s and picked up samples of wedding cake from each bakery… We all sat around the table and tasted each one and your wedding cake won!”- inquiring Mother-of-Bride 8.12.21. We’re excited they chose Olexa’s!

“I knew I wanted an Olexa’s wedding cake before I found my husband!” – Bride at cake tasting, Jan 2021

“My husband still has not given up your cake since our wedding.” (Ordering her husband’s birthday cake) – Quinesha B. Feb 2021

“I went to Starkville, MS…and had dinner with a couple… thought I would let you know how your cake was discussed at dinner in another state! All of your items are delicious…at the same time we said- OMG the cake!” – Shannan B. Jan 20, 2021

“After 18 years of marriage, (Olexas did our wedding cake), my husband said the best part of our anniversary is me getting him an Olexa cake to celebrate!” – Loyal customer ordering her annual anniversary cake, May 18, 2020

“My daughter does not know who her groom will be yet, but she KNOWS where she is ordering her wedding cake! – Customer picking up cake, May 18, 2020

“I have been married 31 years and have never seen my wife rave about chocolate cake! She’s not even finished! She’s at the register buying more!” – Mr. Bradley at his daughter’s wedding cake tasting, 6.20.2019

“Once we tasted an Olexa’s cake, no other cake has ever compared.” – 5.21.19, Customer on phone as she ordered another cake

“You know Olexa’s is my favorite gift to give people! It will be such a treat!” – Ms. Moreland as she orders teacher appreciate lunch for the whole school

“In planning my daughter’s wedding… I’m learning there is a competition with wedding cakes. People have told me that when they’re at a wedding and they hear Olexa’s did the cake… They run to get a piece! Olexa’s definitely has the reputation of being the best tasting cake from all the mothers I have talked to.” – A mom planning her daughter’s wedding for May, 2019

“Dear Diane,
You are the best! Thank you for taking care of us like your own family. You all made my parent’s anniversary special with all of your love and attention to detail.
Big hugs,
Mr. Jander”
-April 5, 2019

“The moment I took a bite of Olexa’s chocolate cake, I felt like I was a little kid sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen! It tasted just like the cake my grandmother would make for us 30 years ago.” Katherine, March 2019.

“My wife promised me perfect peace from my 4 children with no diaper changes during the Championship game IF I bring her home a piece of vanilla buttercreme cake from Olexa’s.” – a man loudly knocking at the door after closing begging for a piece of cake!

“I had already decided on a grocery store wedding cake, and I took one bite of Olexa’s cake at the bridal show and forgot all about that grocery store!” – Marnika

“When Lindsey was in medical school in Birmingham for 8 yeas, She said (she and her friends) went to weddings based on whether or not they were serving Olexa’s cake!” June, 2015

“Would someone please just throw my fork on the floor?! I can’t stop eating this buttercream cake!” – Karen Lehane, 2013

Overheard in hallway from a 5 year old little girl… “Mom I’m ACTUALLY glad we came here!” July, 2015

“I’m not even a big cake fan and I’m even a little person; but I ate a vulgar, vulgar, vulgar amount of my daughter’s wedding cake because it was so good!” Mother of bride, May 14, 2011

“Getting Diane Olexa to do your wedding cake is like a date with the Homecoming Queen!” Leigh Noel, Mother of Bride from Atlanta

“Oh my! When I heard the bride and groom ordered Olexa’s (for their wedding cake), I told them that if they were to look for me at the reception, I would be up on the stage… chair pulled up to the cake… with a fork in my hand… the whole night!”-Jackie, Aunt of Groom

“I don’t care what this cake looks like… as long as it tastes this good, I could just eat it straight out of a big bowl!”-Groom telling his future bride as he finished their wedding cake consultation.

“I just wanted to call and say the coconut cake you all did for my daughter’s graduation was delicious. I wish you would have done my wedding cake years ago!” Mandy, May 2015

“In all my years of enjoying bistro dining, I have never experienced the delicious and exquisite tastes which come together in the Tomato Basil Soup… from the presentation to the last spoonful, it was simply a joy. I will be back soon!” -Mignon Turner, Hollywood Hotwire Entertainment Journalist of Los Angeles

“My mother had a chocolate cake from Olexa’s 5 years ago. She raved about it and never stopped talking about that cake. She died and now our family orders Olexa’s Chocolate cake in her memory.” -Danielle, New York, April 2016

“Most (of our guests) singled out the rehearsal dinner at Olexa’s as the highlight…we could not recommend you more highly.”  -Mark & Pam Bourgin, Parents of the Groom

“The buttercreme cake is so soft in your mouth, it’s like sleeping on your favorite pillow…I feel like I have had a life changing cake experience, period.” -Joey Morris

“My guests could not stop bragging on how good the cake was.” -Kenya Underwood, Bride

“I want to get married again!” says John, father of the bride as he tries our French vanilla buttercreme cake at a bridal show. “To whom?”, his wife of 25 years asks incredulously. “To you, if you get this cake!” he replied.

“Other than saying yes to his proposal, choosing Olexa’s was the easiest decision I made for my wedding.” – Emily

“The buttercreme cake is so soft in your mouth, it’s like sleeping on your favorite pillow…I feel like I have had a life changing cake experience, period.” – Joey Morris

“I want Olexa’s warm buttercreme cake to be my last meal before I leave this earth!” – Judy Lewis


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